– Location in Roseville
(practice exams available)

– Instructor presents material live online
– Exams for each course,
done in Roseville or with proctor

– Work through material online
at your own pace
– Exams for each course,
done in Roseville or with proctor


How do you offer the courses?

We currently offer in-person classes, in our locations in Roseville and Bloomington, by the mall of America. We also offer online live webinars which are scheduled in advance, where you have a live instructor on your screen and you can ask questions throughout the course. We are in the process of launching an on-demand product, which will be a “go at your own pace” program, planned for the second quarter of 2022.

How much time do I spend with an instructor, and how much should I plan to study?

You’ll be required to attend all 30 hours of each Course. For Course 1, we generally recommend no more than an hour and a half of homework each night. There’s no homework in Course 2 or 3 – it’s instructor-led discussions, role plays and group exercises, all hands-on learning.

If you do miss any class time, you will need to make up the Unit you missed. We’ll help you figure out when the next evening / weekend / weekday class will happen, covering that Unit, and we’ll plug you into either the online or the live class.

What if I have questions about the material, during or after the course?

In addition to live interaction with your instructor, they are also available via email, in between sessions or once your course is completed. They generally respond within one business day.

What resources do you provide, besides the textbook?

You will receive flashcards with all the terms and the definitions you need to know from Course 1. In Courses 2 & 3, you’ll receive forms, so you can learn how to write up offers, price houses, list properties, and other elements in the practice of real estate pricing. You’ll get MLS access, purchase contracts, and everything you need to be ready to hit the ground running when you complete Course 3.

Do I have to pass quizzes or tests in order to complete the course?

No tests are required in order to pass the 3 Courses, if you’re taking them in-person. We do an assessment and an evaluation at the end of each Course, just to see if we’re teaching well. We want to know how we performed as your instructors.

The online course does require you to stop into our Roseville headquarters, do an assessment, fill out an evaluation, and show us your ID, because we need to be able to tell the state that we saw you take the test personally. If you live far from Roseville, there’s an option for you to get a proctor at your local library – we can email them the test, and they can watch you take the examination.

Are there practice exams?

In Course 1 (the theory class), you’ll be asked a number of questions at the end of each chapter. We also provide an additional set of questions as practice exams, which will allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. And then after you’ve reviewed their material in your book, and taken the practice exams, you’ll take the Final Exam, which contains an additional 145 questions.

Do you offer tutoring?

We don’t typically offer 1-on-1 tutoring, because students usually don’t need it. On the last day of Course 1, we do an exam prep class, called “exam tutor”. In a half-day session, we go through a lot of the material that may be confusing or cloudy to the student. We also give you flashcards, one-liners with definitions, to guide you through identifying your weaknesses and strengths.

What textbook do you use?

Our textbook was created by our founder, Mike Brennan, who wrote every bit of the material himself. This allows us to have the most up-to-date material, instead of using the same outdated textbook that many other schools use.

Are there any other books or courses that you recommend that would help me pass the exam?

No – as a matter of fact, we discourage that because it’s easy to unknowingly pick up information written for a state other than Minnesota, and some of the content is different from state to state. So we encourage people to use simply our material, which is very comprehensive in covering what’s on the exams.

What do I receive after finishing the course?

Upon completion of any course, be it continuing education or licensing classes, you receive a certificate, stating that you’ve completed your hours of education.