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Continuing Education, After You Receive Your License

Every year, agents in Minnesota must do 15 hours of Continuing Education. We break out our CE classes down to 3.75 hours per class. So if you took two classes in a day, that would be 7.5 hours, and if you took two days of classes with us, you’d have your CE hours completed. You can do them in pieces, or grouped together. Your license expires every couple of years, and the State wants to make sure that you’re actually taking classes related to consumer protection, such as fair housing. There are certain classes that are required, and then there are electives that you may choose from.

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Calendar of Classes

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Minnesota to Wisconsin License: (7.5-hours of MN CE)

By attending this 13-hour course, students will learn about listing contracts, offers to buy/sell real estate, buyer representation, consumer protections and housing guidelines. This course is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services as meeting the requirements for obtaining a license in Wisconsin. Although this is a 13 hour course, Minnesota agents earn 7.5 hours for Minnesota Continuing Education credits due to the value to sales associates and the parallel content which is contained in more than half this course for Minnesota associates.


Compliance vs. Violation: (3.75 hours)

By attending this 3.75 hour course, real estate students will be exposed to the laws regulating license activity called Chapter 82. By reviewing these statutes, licensees will be more aware of their standards of performance expected by law. Consequences can be severe and carry stiff penalties like financial fines, gross misdemeanor charges and more. Agents will learn about the requirement for providing Agency Disclosures at substantive contact and the protections afforded to consumers so that all consumers are treated fairly. This course satisfies one hour of agency and one hour of fair housing.


​Code of Ethics 2022: (3.75 hours)

This 3.75-hour class will expose the attendees to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics establishes the foundation on how REALTORS® are to operate as professionals in the Real Estate Industry. The 17 Articles of the Code of Ethics defines a higher standard of professionalism and behavior in three categories: Duties to Customers and Clients, Duties to the Public, and Duties to other REALTORS®. Members agree to the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Standards of Practice for each of the 17 Articles and are subject to be sanctioned if found to be in violation of any article. This class fulfills the membership requirement to be in good standing with the following Associations:

St Paul Area -SPAAR, Mankato -RASM, Grand Rapids-ICBR, Rochester-SEMAR, Willmar- WCAR, Brainerd- GLAR, Bemidji- NWAR, GAAAR- Alexandria, RAOR-Hibbing, State MNAR.


Commercial 101:(3.75 hours)

This 3.75 hour class is a beginner’s course for your understanding of commercial real estate. The course covers the need-to-know information on a broad range of commercial topics. If you’re an experienced residential licensee, a few of the fundamentals of commercial real estate will be familiar to you—location, use and condition. In many other regards, commercial differs sharply from residential real estate. You’ll work with investors and business owners in commercial real estate, individuals whose focus is squarely on the bottom line of the profit/loss.


​​Deals gone bad: (3.75 hours)

By attending this 3.75-hour class, scenarios are presented with transactions that have gone bad. There are a multitude of complications that can cause distress to the clients and agents. Understanding how to handle these situations is crucial to make the transaction as stress-less as possible. With examples, student input and solutions presented, agents will be given tools to better handle inflamed tensions and bring people to a mutually acceptable compromise.

Top 10 Disclosure Concerns: (3.75 hours)

By attending this 3.75 class, students will be exposed to the choices a consumer has when selling their property regarding Disclosures. The class will review the Board of REALTORS forms to gain an understanding of how they work in order to better explain them to their consumers. Having a property with a waiver of disclosure can be of concern and could possibly not be an issue. How does an agent explain that? Sometimes, things go wrong after closing and sellers/buyers have disputes. The real estate licensee’s responsibilities have now become complex. Disputes are generally resolved face-to-face but in some instances, a third party must decide. Arbitration and litigation are explored as the methods of dispute resolution.


Negotiation 301: (3.75 hours)

In this 3.7- hour class, agents will be exposed to negotiating in a seller’s market. Markets shift and so should the agent’s response. When the market is flooded with competing buyers, the seller feels like they are in control. Many times, buyers feel helpless and think the offering price is their only negotiating tool. Well-trained associates can position their clients offers in a manner to get a win-win solution for all and not rely only on price.

Learning objectives:
Learn what is important to the parties in a purchase/sale.
Understand the client’s positions.
Create a win-win solution.

Below are NEW courses for 2023

Commercial 101 (3.75 hours)

By attending this 3.75-hour class, learners will be exposed to the basics of a commercial transaction. Sometimes, a residential licensee may be faced with a question surrounding a Commercial property. The world of commercial real estate is different than residential, and this course will set some basic items a licensee should know as they venture into new territory. Pricing, types of buildings and more are discussed in lecture led discussions, pictures, and material.


Commercial 201  (3.75 hours)

In this 3.75-hour class, agents will be exposed to more advanced information about commercial transactions including multi-family buildings and 1031 exchanges. Commercial real estate transactions are more complicated than a residential sale/purchase and agents in this field must be prepared. Understanding the method of determining value, capitalization rates and occupancy is crucial for an agent helping an investor. Taxes can have a huge impact on a transaction and understanding the deferred method of paying taxes using a 1031-Tax-Deferred exchange is valuable to their customers.


2024 Required Module: Fair Housing, Agency Law, & Legal Update  (3.75 hours)

By attending this 3.75-hour course, learners will complete the only required class module from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024. This Module Satisfies the 1-Hour Fair Housing, 1-Hour Agency Law, and the 1-Hour Broker Module Requirements. To get credit for the general module, the student must pass an examination taken at the end of the course (as part of the approved credit hours).

Objectives:  Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Review agency relationship options
  • Learn fiduciary duties to clients and customers as required in Minnesota
  • Receive an update on RESPA rules and how RESPA applies to marketing services agreements
  • Receive an update on the requirements under the new RESPA-TILA Integrated Disclosure form
  • Review the Uniform Condominium Act and the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act, the different types of properties covered, disclosure obligations and other rights
  • Learn about Fair Housing Laws, their history and protected classes
  • Learn about prohibited actions under fair housing laws
  • Receive resources for working with first time buyers and struggling homeowners


Negotiate 101 (3.75 hours)

In this 3.75-hour course, students will be discussing the laws in Minnesota pertaining to the legal requirements under Negotiation Chapter 82.71. There are many factors involved in negotiations and the basics will be shared in this course. The Code of Ethics also plays a part in the handling of Negotiations and professionals should have a clear understanding of what s required and expected of them.


Negotiate 201 (3.75 hours)

In this 3.75-hour course, students will be exposed to negotiation skills to better assist their clients in the purchase/sale of real estate. By learning about personality styles, components of negotiations and goals, students will be better prepared to satisfy their clients objectives.


Offers to Purchase (3.75 hours)

By attending this 3.75-hour course, learners will be exposed to the complexities of completing a real property Purchase Contract.

As a buyer and seller review the paperwork for the purchase and sale of real estate, there are many complex concepts a licensee needs to share, discuss and guide the consumer through. By attending this class, students will complete a templated Purchase Contract and gain insights into describing the clauses and covenants to their consumers in an easy-to-understand manner.


Safety First (3.75 hours)

By attending this 3.75 online class, Real Estate salespersons and brokers who attend this class will be taught to identify situations where harm may be inflicted. Realtors are sometimes put into dangerous situations and this class will provide tips on safety. As internet connectivity makes individuals more visible, we are seeing people having their credit card information fall into the wrong hands. This class will demonstrate tactics to prevent identity theft and understand the complications of online and in-person confrontations. Finally, as the world is keenly aware, we are in a ‘new normal’ with the COVID-19 infections. By attending this class, we will discuss how to show property safely and virtually, spot and avoid contaminants and diseases in property and how to properly handle the disclosing dangerous situations and/or infectious diseases.


The New NORML: Marijuana and Real Estate  (3.75 hours)

By attending this 3.75-hour course, real estate licensees will learn about the new laws in Minnesota surrounding the legalization of marijuana and the impact it may have on real property. Landlords of property will need to be aware of the ability to allow or restrain tenants from smoking, vaping any kind of products. With the legalization of marijuana, a tenant might assume they can grow and use marijuana in the rental unit and that may be at odds with other tenants and/or the owners. Showing a property and stumbling across a “pot farm” in the past has caused police calls and complaints. Today, there may be a legal reason why the house is being used a “grow-house”. Agents will need to understand the laws impacting this marijuana and explain to consumers in a correct, understandable manner.

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